Construction Cleanup in Long Island

Whistle Clean is a well-respected specialist in the area of Construction Cleanup in Long Island. Whenever you build a site, our well trained staff is always there for you to take care of your cleaning needs before your site goes into market. We know; trust is not given, trust is earned; and we will earn your trust as we have of our loyal customers for the past 33 years. Attention Home Owners - we know how stressful it can get - having a construction in your house, so we are ready to help you on your after construction cleaning needs.

Construction Cleanup includes:

  • Remove all labels from bathroom, windows, toilets and kitchen.
  • Vacuum window tracks.
  • Clean windows inside/outside, frames and sills, remove any paint, and plaster.
  • Clean all skirting and wash the doors
  • Wipe tops of the doors, the molding, and trim throughout the house.
  • Clean all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. cupboards inside and out.
  • Clean and polish all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. surfaces and wooden works
  • Hand Mop bathroom floors.
  • Clean showers, tubs, basins, and toilets inside and out.
  • Rinse all porcelain surfaces and polish.
  • Polish all chrome fixtures.
  • Clean mirrors with our special window solution and squeegee.
  • Vacuum out all heating/cooling ducts.
  • Vacuum all carpet in the entire house, along with wall edges and baseboard ledges.
  • Wipe tops of all electrical outlet covers.
  • Micro-dust settles on everything.
  • Gently wipe chandeliers and light fixtures.
  • Clean all thresholds, damp-mop the kitchen floor and dining area.
  • Sweep and/or vacuum the garage and driveways.
  • Wipe off the water heater and any other dusty surfaces.

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